Mortgage Terms

Properties Considered:

Residential (non-owner occupied), Commercial, Industrial and Land.

Length of Loan:

Flexible loan terms from 6-36 months.

Borrowing Entity:

All borrowers must close in the name of an LLC

Lien Position:

First mortgage position.


A legal personal guarantee is required.

Loan to Value:

Up to 85% of the Purchase Price + Up to 100% of the Renovation Costs, Not to Exceed 75% of the Aer Repair Value

Interest Rate:

Starting at 7.99% Interest, Only Charged on Outstanding Balance

Loan Size:

$75k to $2.5M

6 months prepaid interest collected on every loan

Loan Advances:

Funds will be forwarded in draws of 1 to 4 advances to be determined by us. Funds will be wired by direct deposit into an account provided by the investor. An on-site inspection to determine current progress of the project may be required prior to release of funds. A sub-contractor guarantee may be required.

Prepayment Penalties:

No prepayment penalties.

Loan Origination Fees:

2 points

Minimum FICO Score: